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A fair and balanced pricing scheme with you in mind

Our Rates

Our Kalamazoo limo bus pricing scheme is specially designed to provide the best rates to our customers. Unlike most other companies, we handle our patrons on a case by case bases. Our personalized prices are designed to be completely affordable and transparent. The price get quoted is the price you will pay, we have no additional hidden fees, and even taxes as well as your driver's minimal gratuity. You are of course welcome to tip your driver additionally if you felt he or she did an amazing job. However there is a little information that we are going to need from you to get you the most accurate possible quote.

Party Buses

  • Up to 40 passengers
  • Custom interiors
  • Built-in bars
  • Flat screen TVs
  • 24 hour service


  • Up to 20 passengers
  • Deluxe interiors
  • Built-in bars
  • Neon lights
  • 24 hour service


  • 50+ passengers
  • Power outlets
  • Luggage storage
  • Reclining seats
  • Great for long distance
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Important questions we will ask you

Give us this Information

This is important information because our prices to fluctuate based on the time of year. The busier months such as spring and summer do have higher prices than the slower months. The day of the week will also effect the price, as a busy day like Friday or Saturday will cost more than a weekday.

This is important because we need to know what size bus you need. Naturally, the larger buses cost more, but if you split the costs amongst your guests, you'll find that even a large bus becomes instantly affordable.

Pickup locations that are more than 50 miles outside out service area, may result in an additional fuel surcharge. When you're on the bus, feel free to go wherever you like during the time!

Our buses are rented based on an hour basis with a six hour minimum. If you would like any additional time, feel free to let us know.
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